Dying to Try: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup has taken the makeup community by a storm. The brand debuted at the beginning of the year at Sephora and Urban Outfitters, and has since created an obsession unlike any other. Milk Makeup’s website claims to be a “totally new take on makeup. Smart, multi-functional, easy-to-use products designed for self expression. Milk Makeup is High Concept, Low Maintenance.” It’s biggest appeal is that it’s a makeup brand dedicated to those of us who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to makeup. Personally, doing my makeup is the highlight of my day, and so I don’t mind taking my time with it. However, I know that’s not the case for most people, so this concept may be super beneficial to many makeup lovers who are on a time crunch.

I mentioned Milk Makeup’s spray on nail polish on my post Hump Day Reads. But since I’m more of a gel-manicure girl, their polish wouldn’t be ideal for me.

Although I’m not crazy about doing my makeup in a rush, I am interested in trying out some of Milk Makeup’s products. I’ll admit: the modern, cool packaging is a big reason why I want to try. But the reviews for their products are also very tempting. Below are some of the products I’m dying to try. 



Or maybe I can just try a set?


Have you tried Milk Makeup products? Are you an on-the-go makeup person? (if so you might want to check out my 5-Minute Makeup Essentials When You’ve #G2G) Or do you take your time and perfect everything, like I do?


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