Spring Break Inspiration: Desi Perkins

As I mentioned before, I’m heading on a Spring Break trip with my best friends soon. As the obsessive person that I am, I tend to plan everything from where to have dinner, to where to get the best happy hour (you know… the important stuff), and what makeup I’m going to wear.

In our day and age it is so easy to find inspiration. You can literally google “spring break makeup inspiration” and tons of beautiful images pop up. However, social media simplifies this even further by allowing us to interact with some of our favorite beauty gurus. I put together a Pinterest board for inspiration and I thought I’d share it with you all. My muse for this board was the beautiful Desi Perkins. She’s among my favorite people to follow on social media because her colorful personality makes her relatable. It doesn’t hurt that she’s an incredible makeup artist and I find myself copying her looks more often than I care to admit.

I mean, how beautiful is this?!

She’s the queen of effortless makeup. She mastered the winged liner and bold lip, that I love, beautifully, and I was sure to include that on the board. Enjoy!

Do you have a makeup muse? Who is it?


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