#TBT | RiRi ❤️ MAC

Way back in 2013, when MAC lipsticks were $15 (good times), Rihanna blessed us all with a limited edition, four-part collection with MAC. MAC released Spring, Summer, Fall, and Holiday collections called RiRi Hearts MAC. The most popular product, RiRi Woo, released for all four collections, and was actually the only product in the Spring release (it still sold out in under 3 hours, though).

To say this collection was epic would be an understatement. All the colors were perfect for my skin tone, as it’s close to Rihanna’s own caramel complexion. Although I stuck mostly to lipsticks and bronzer, the eyeshadow palettes were beautiful as well.

I mean, look how beautiful the promo pics were:





Let’s take a look back at this amazing collection and reminisce on how perfect it was.


If I could go back in time I’d definitely go back to when these collections were released and buy everything. When the collections launched, my makeup obsession wasn’t fully developed, and therefore I didn’t go as crazy as I now wish I had. Apart from what’s pictured above I also bought the RiRi Boy and Heaux lipsticks. While those came in the regular black MAC packaging, they were as remarkable as the products in special packaging.


The packaging is definitely one of my favorites ever, though. The rose gold accents with the signature on the packaging (and inside, on the actual lipstick) is beautiful.


The names are perfect. Talk that Talk is described as a matte dark plum with a retro matte finish. Keep in mind that retro matte finishes are more difficult to work with than regular matte lipsticks. I recommend using a lip primer prior to applying the lipstick, that way your lips are moisturized and there is a smooth surface for the lipstick to easily glide on. RiRi Woo, the most popular shade is RiRi’s take on MAC’s cult favorite, Ruby Woo. Like Ruby Woo, RiRi Woo is a cool-based red matte lipstick. Bad Girl RiRi is my absolute favorite nude lipstick, it is described as a matte taupy nude. Pleasure Bomb is the most beautiful fuschia lipstick. It’s a very pigmented matte color that goes on smoothly and lasts for over 7 hours on the lips.


The color I had to go through the most extensive lengths to purchase was Heaux. When the collection first released I actually had Heaux in my cart but then decided I would probably not like the color. I was so silly back then! I ended up having to buy it from a reseller at double the original price :(. Nevertheless, it was all worth it in the end. Heaux is a spectacular color, it’s a matte berry in a retro matte finish.  It has been compared to MAC’s Rebel, but the difference in formula plays a big role in how unique both colors are. So, I will have to disagree.

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_5752IMG_5747

One of the bronzers I picked up was the Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush. This was also released multiple times, but I was able to snag it during the Summer Collection release. Although it didn’t come in the pretty rose gold limited edition packaging, the product is perfect. This was described as a cool coral blush and matte neutral bronze. I love that it’s a combination of both a bronzer and a blush!


This is the Love, Rihanna bronzer. This bronzer is so amazing, that after I hit pan on it I had to ask my friend Alicia to pick me up another at the CCO. It’s that serious! Love, Rihanna is described as a soft golden brown with gold pearl. It gives me the perfect combination of bronzed and glowing.

This collection is one that will definitely make you feel as beautiful as can be. Every aspect of it was stunning, from the names of the product, to the colors, to the packaging. Both MAC and Rihanna did an exceptional job at paying close attention to detail and providing us with the perfect collection.



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