RCMA No Color Powder Review

Beauty gurus are some of the most influential people on social media. With their millions of followers they can easily sway the opinion of consumers. This article on Adweek shows infographics that easily explain how much social media affects the purchases we make. So don’t feel silly for purchasing something simply because you saw your favorite YouTuber raving about it. Which is why I have no shame when I tell you that after seeing KathleenLights’ video and instagram post about the RCMA “BEST POWDER EVER” I had to try it.


But don’t worry, I still take these raves with a grain of salt and remember all the times I fell for what famous YouTubers and Instagrammers advertised. I will say, though, Kathleen is usually pretty unbiased and won’t hold back when she dislikes a product. So, I followed her advice and purchased this “incredible, completely invisible” RCMA No-Color Powder from Beautylish for $10. And I’m here to tell you allllllllllllll about it. Let’s go!


The Promise

As stated on the RCMA website:

RCMA Loose Powder is a staple in the industry and should be apart of every pro makeup artist’s kit. There are powders for all occasions.  RCMA Powder will keep your foundations set and dry without “caking”

The Packaging

If you recall from my Makeup Snobs post a little while ago, I spoke about how packaging affects some people’s decision to purchase products. If we were to judge a book by its cover in this case, I would have certainly not purchased this powder. But we’re trying new things here, right?


The packaging is a plain, clear plastic, shaker bottle with a black cap. The only indication of what the product is, is the sticker that reads “RCMA NO-COLOR POWDER 3 0Z. DISTR. N.Y.C.”



The back of the product is completely plain and there is no sign of what ingredients the powder contains. Even after Googling I was met with mixed results, so we’ll just call the ingredients in this fairy dust.




The dispenser resembles a spice shaker. Which makes it a little difficult to scoop out the product, but also avoids excessive and wasteful use of it. I usually close the cap and shake the bottle, so the product moves to the top and then I open it and use what is on the cap with my NARS Mie Kabuki brush.

The Product

At this point you might be feeling a little let down by this review. But let’s keep in mind that looks aren’t always everything. Regardless of the cheap packaging, the lack of ingredients list, and the resemblance to a bottle of oregano, the product is actually great! It appears white in the bottle but it is a very fine milled, translucent, colorless powder. The texture feels smooth and silky.


A quick swipe on my hand shows how smooth and light the powder is.



Once the product is blended, it is completely invisible. There is no flashback, and the skin appears smooth and poreless. It has no scent.

Final Thoughts

As far as the actual product goes, the RCMA No-Color Powder is amazing. The quality is superb and comparable to the more expensive and well-known setting powders (such as the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Powder which is $38 at Sephora). For a fraction of that price, you get a product that is three times the size and performs just as well (if not better). If the packaging is a deal-breaker for you, just purchase it and put it in another packaging, it’s that good. My makeup did not crease or cake up throughout the day. It was virtually flawless when I got home from work. In all, I absolutely recommend this product. I think the packaging being so uninspiring just proves how long the company spent perfecting the product. It is minimal packaging for a maximum product!

Where to Buy

The RMCA powder seems to be sold out almost everywhere, but here are the direct links to the stores that sell it. Check back often, or sign up to be notified when it becomes available again if you are able to.

And here is the link to the retailers RCMA lists on their website (including international!).


I realized I’ve never even posted a picture of myself here! So here is a bad quality, iPhone camera, picture of me (in which I am wearing the RCMA No-Color Powder).



I hope you enjoyed my review. Have you tried this setting powder? Did you love it as much as Kathleen and I did?


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