Makeup Wishlist | Accessories

Question: what’s a burger without a side of fries? What’s a peanut butter sandwich without some jelly? Answer: incomplete. Just as it is with food (for me, anyway) makeup without the perfect accessories is just not the same. So here is my wishlist of some makeup accessories that have been on my radar to compliment that flawless face you’re working with.


I have been eyeing this Spectrum The Glam Clam brush set since I saw this picture on instagram:


I mean, how can you not be obsessed? These brushes are soooooooo pretty and girly and colorful and all-around perfect! I’m also a sucker for cute packaging (more on that when I show you guys some of my favorite Limited Edition MAC lipsticks this #tbt!). Plus, the shell clutch only adds to my little obsession with mystical creatures (I love mermaids and unicorns!). This cutie definitely earned the top spot on my wishlist.

If there were ever a makeup pouch that was designed specially for me, this Miss With-It one would be it. Ever since I got the hang of applying false lashes I’ve been a madwoman, purchasing more lashes than I even have space for. So I definitely did a happy dance when I saw this pouch!



Speaking of lashes, my favorite lash store, House of Lashes, just released these beautiful lash cases that are so luxe I can almost die. I live for anything rose gold! House of Lashes is killing it right now, and don’t even get me started on how I reacted when I posted this picture on Instagram and they liked it!

Happy #NationalLashDay!! Which lashes are you wearing today? 👀

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This Sephora The Weekender bag is perfect to store your makeup when traveling. Last year I traveled so much, and was always afraid of my makeup breaking or opening in my bag and spilling everywhere. This bag would have been the perfect solution. I’m thinking if I get it then the trips will come.. one can dream!

I’ve been hearing lots about these Artis  brushes, but I just can’t seem to shell out $60 for one brush. However, one of my favorite Youtubers, Nicole Guerriero, was raving about them so I’m tempted to try and see  for myself. Tempted being the operative word here.

As most makeup hoarders, I’m always on the hunt for somewhere to store my forever-growing collection. Recently, with the liquid lipstick craze, I’ve been purchasing more and running out of mason jars to store them in. This means I end up accumulating too many liquid lipsticks in my purse. In order to avoid that, I’m looking for a nice compact, acrylic, clear holder to store them along with my lip liners and glosses. This brush holder seems to be the answer to my prayers.



These Shadow Shields are supposed to be the best way to deal with eyeshadow fallout and smudges. I think I should give them a try and report back how well they perform. For science, you know.

I’m also just going to leave this $400 simplehuman wide-view sensor mirror here because no one said this wishlist had to be realistic.



I’ve never really tried to curl my lashes because they’re already naturally curled (yup, I’m bragging!). But this tarte | be charmed limited-edition picture perfect™ eyelash curler is on sale for $12 and it’s so cute and chic, I felt like it belonged on my wishlist.

Hope you enjoyed my wishlist! What’s on yours?


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