Believe the Hype? | Color Correctors


Color correcting is to 2016 what contouring was to 2015. It is everywhere. Seemingly out of nowhere, brands of all price-points started dropping their own color correctors. They come in all different formulas and packaging: individual or jammed together in palette form. The choice is really up to you!

Not everyone is on the color correcting bandwagon, though. Makeup extraordinaire, Mario Dedivanovic, who just so happens to be Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist (no big deal, psh!) is not into the trend at all.


But that’s okay, because not everything works for everyone. I personally apply some salmon-colored corrector on my dark circles and I find that it works wonderfully. If I want extra bright under-eyes I apply some yellow corrector after my concealer, but that’s very rare. Let me explain how this stuff works, though.

So what in the world is color correcting, anyway?

Color correcting is a method of using the undertones of your skin color to eliminate imperfections, most commonly dark circles and blemishes. You do this by countering the colors of your imperfections using a color opposite of it, in order to cancel it out. Sounds a bit complicated, but I promise it isn’t, so let’s take it back to art class and try to understand it a little better.


Here we have our color wheel. Pretty, right? In a nutshell, colors across from each other cancel each other out. So that means if you want to cancel purple out, use yellow. In order to cancel blue, use peach. In order to cancel green, use red. However, these colors don’t appear as bright and obvious on our skin as they do on this wheel. So you should examine your skin and see what colors appear more intensely under your eyes. Then, use a corrector in a color that cancels it out and cover that with concealer.

Let’s use some more pictures, shall we?

Blondeshell Beauty posted this as part of her tips for concealing dark circles.


And let’s break that down some more:


So, again, the key here is to find the color of your dark circles and use a color that cancels that out. Some of you may have stumbled across some of the extreme color correcting techniques found floating around Instagram, but don’t drive yourself crazy. Stick to applying a small amount of a color correcting concealer on your dark circles and call it a day. I’m with Mario (above) in some sense, and I find that, as most things, this can be exaggerated and misused.

This is a pretty helpful video that demonstrates how to eliminate dark circles (and it’s the technique I use, myself!).


The awesome people over at beautyblender have also caught on to the color correcting hype and launched a set of mini beautyblenders designed specifically for color correctors. Along with the mini sponges they had a 4-day series dedicated to color correction.



And there you have it. Correct those dark circles and take over the world, honey.

What’s your favorite color corrector?

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