New Releases – A Wishlist

In a perfect world I’d live in a huge mansion.. and then I’d fill it with makeup because I have no self control. But, the reality is that I’m just a regular girl who lives in a regular tiny NYC apartment. Because of this, I need to practice self-control and not buy every makeup product I fall in love with. A girl can dream though, so I compiled a little list of new releases that are on my wishlist. Unfortunately, not all of them will make it to my greedy little hands but maybe you’ll find something you love here!

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Fall in Love – Fall Favorites

With all the pain in my heart, it is time to announce that Summer has come to an end. Fall is here and although I’ll miss my favorite season, it’s time to celebrate the change that comes with it. While Summer, for me, is filled with dewy skin and glossy lips, the Fall is all about matte. I love wearing a dark lip with simple eye makeup, or matte nude lips with smoky bronzy eyes. The possibilities, as always, are endless!

So here are a few of my favorite fall products, so we can hit the pumpkin patch looking as fierce as possible.

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Dying to Try: Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup has taken the makeup community by a storm. The brand debuted at the beginning of the year at Sephora and Urban Outfitters, and has since created an obsession unlike any other. Milk Makeup’s website claims to be a “totally new take on makeup. Smart, multi-functional, easy-to-use products designed for self expression. Milk Makeup is High Concept, Low Maintenance.” It’s biggest appeal is that it’s a makeup brand dedicated to those of us who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to makeup. Personally, doing my makeup is the highlight of my day, and so I don’t mind taking my time with it. However, I know that’s not the case for most people, so this concept may be super beneficial to many makeup lovers who are on a time crunch.

I mentioned Milk Makeup’s spray on nail polish on my post Hump Day Reads. But since I’m more of a gel-manicure girl, their polish wouldn’t be ideal for me.

Although I’m not crazy about doing my makeup in a rush, I am interested in trying out some of Milk Makeup’s products. I’ll admit: the modern, cool packaging is a big reason why I want to try. But the reviews for their products are also very tempting. Below are some of the products I’m dying to try.  Continue reading

Current Obsession – NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

White liner on the waterline has now become my go-to move for every makeup look I do. It adds dimension to the eyes and brightens them for a more awake and flirty look. It can even make a smokey, night time, makeup look more daytime-appropriate.

My love for white liner on the waterline surfaced with my obsession with Angel Merino aka mac_daddyy. He’s an amazing celebrity makeup artist and CEO of the cosmetic line, Artist Couture.

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OMG! Have you seen the Sephora sale section recently? It’s stocked with a bunch beautifully priced goodies! Everything from palettes to eyeshadow singles, and lipsticks, and even brushes are discounted. Some of our favorite brands including Urban Decay, Makeup Up Forever, Tarte, and Stila continue adding items. Below are some of the things I’ve got my eye on.

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Snapchat Makeup

Woah! I haven’t blogged in forever and a half! I promise, I didn’t forget about you. I just lost inspiration for a bit but I’m back baby!


What better way to welcome myself back than with the latest social media phenomenon: Snapchat! Seems like every time someone pulls out their phone it’s no longer to reply to that text from their honey, or to Instagram their lunch. The newest craze are the Snapchat geofilters.

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Spring Break Inspiration: Desi Perkins

As I mentioned before, I’m heading on a Spring Break trip with my best friends soon. As the obsessive person that I am, I tend to plan everything from where to have dinner, to where to get the best happy hour (you know… the important stuff), and what makeup I’m going to wear.

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Bite Beauty Lip Lab


Do you remember the joyous moment when you baked your first birthday cake? Or the time you finally convinced your mom to let you help her bake cookies (and eat some batter, of course)? Probably not, I sure don’t. But I’ll tell you what I will always remember: the first time I made my very own custom lipstick!

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